The Top Ecommerce Podcasts for Entrepreneurs That Are Worth Listening To

The Top Ecommerce Podcasts For Entrepreneurs That Are Worth Listening To

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Why Listening to Podcasts Is Essential

In today’s digital age, content such as blog posts, infographics, videos, newsletters and the like are a great way to educate and find many useful information about Ecommerce for entrepreneurs and business owners.

But if you already operate an Ecommerce website, it’s hard to stay on top of all the great blog content and articles coming out every day. After all, you’ve got a business to run and a life to live.

So while all of these are a great source, you can also find tons of amazing content in the form of Podcasts.

Get a Podcast Player for Your Devices

If you own a smartphone, you already have everything you need to listen to these podcasts. Download a Podcast Player for your iOS or Android device.  My favorite app is Pocket Cast but there are many other free or paid ones to choose from.  If you’re on iOS you can also use the built-in Podcasts app too!

The Best Ecommerce Podcasts You Need To Subscribe To

Here are some of the best podcasts for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Ecommerce Fuel

Andrew Youderian, blogger and ecommerce owner who also runs a private group for six and seven figure ecommerce merchants. After building and selling two dropshipping ecommerce businesses, he’s one of the few that can speak from experience from start to exit.

Andrew always brings on interesting guests that discuss a wide range of topics from marketing, sales, logistics and methodologies. Although the Podcast is no longer in a weekly format, every time a new episode pops up, it’s worth the wait and listen!

Unofficial Shopify Podcast

Host: Kurt Elster 

Kurt Elster is the founder of an ecommerce marketing agency Ether Cycle. He brings on guests on his weekly podcast who are a mix of experts and developers who share their strategies and tactics with the audience.

Look to this weekly podcast to help you learn more how getting more traffic, conversion and to make more money from your ecommerce site. Although the site is mostly focused on Shopify, a lot of the topics and discussion are applicable to any ecommerce merchant.

Nerd Market Ecommerce Podcast

Host: Drew Sanocki 

Drew Sanocki explains in detail the various ways to grow and analyze your ecommerce business.  Having built and sold million dollar ecommerce businesses in his past, he has the insights and wisdom developed from experience.  Some of his best ideas and tips are around business analytics and email marketing.

Drew also brings onto the podcast some interesting ecommerce owners from time to time to discuss marketing, growth, and how their guest scaled their business. Nerd Marketing Podcast should be on everyone’s list of ecommerce podcasts.

Shopify Masters

Host: Felix Thea

Felix Thea hosts this super popular weekly podcast that’s even featured on Shopify’s website.  His episodes are an interview style podcast with both up and coming Shopify merchants as well as seasoned ecommerce business owners.

Felix does a great job breaking down the thought process as well as the tactics behind each guest that he interviews. It’s also inspiring to hear some of the origin stories of some of the most popular stores and get to know the struggles and challenges that every ecommerce entrepreneur faces.  Add Shopify Masters to your ecommerce podcasts list!

The My Wife Quite Her Job Podcast

Steve Chou is the host and popular blogger of What I like best about Steve is his openness and transparency behind his personal journey as he and his wife built their six-figure ecommerce site BumbleeBee Linens.

Along with Steve sharing the behind the scenes tactics of his own website, he brings on other like-minded guests.  Steve is into the tactics and methods of building successful online stores. My favorite part of each episode is how detailed and no-holds-bar he gets with his guest to ensure you get actionable insights and takeaways from his interviews.

Build My Online Store

Terry and Travis hosts this “weekly update” styled podcast where they share their progress with their own ecommerce stores.  In addition, they discuss current topics and tactics that they are implementing and cover a wide range of areas involved in starting an ecommerce business.

This is one of the few podcasts where you can listen and learn from the ground floor.  The best part is, not everything they do is successful, and Terry and Travis are great about being transparent when things don’t quite work out and point out lessons you can learn from.  I look forward to each of their ecommerce podcasts as if I’m getting an update from a friend about their ecommerce business.

2X eCommerce Podcast

Kunle Campbell runs one of the most outstanding ecommerce podcasts and a blog called 2X Ecommerce. He aims to help ecommerce business owners to drive growth and profitability through customer acquisition, conversion optimization, and retention.

His guests on the show are all hand-picked and the main criteria before guesting anyone on the show is: can the guests provide valuable and insightful information that will help his listeners and subscribers in their metrics growth in terms of conversions, AOV, repeat customers, traffic and ultimately sales.

Ecommerce Influence

Austin Brawner’s podcast is mostly an interview format discussion with ecommerce marketing experts who have scaled their own ecommerce business or for their clients.  Each episode is tightly packed with valuable information and insights around a specific topic.

Austin also sprinkles in some of his own experiences and past successes as a marketing consultant himself.  It’s always great to hear the conversations between him and his guests, but they always do a great job boiling it down so it is easy to understand – no marketing degree necessary.

eCommerce MasterPlan

Loaded with a lot of helpful tips in gaining new customers, tools and technology you can use to grow your Ecommerce business and help you save time, Ecommerce Plan hosted by Chloë Tomas is just one of the best podcasts to listen to.

This weekly show is filled with compelling conversations she have with other Ecommerce business owners. Along with occasional bonus episodes, the show already included other great segments such as monologues, expert sessions, and conference takeaways.

Ecommerce Uncensored

Hosts: Jason Caruso & Kevin Monell

Jason and Kevin own a successful website development and marketing agency. In their podcast, they share a lot of useful insights that they have found successful with their clients’ ecommerce businesses.

The podcast is mostly a conversation between the two hosts as they dive into the details of each episode topic. In addition, they explore the psychology and concepts behind their marketing approach as much as the tools and tactics which I think is really interesting to learn from. Because a lot of their topics are evergreen and don’t change much through the test of time, do look into the back episodes to learn more about the topic you want to learn more about!

What Podcasts Are You Currently Listening To?

There you go… Make sure you check out these Ecommerce Podcasts for you to draw inspiration and stay on track for your Ecommerce business.

Now it’s your turn to tell me which podcasts are you currently following that we might have missed on this post? Feel free to let us know in the comments!

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