Ecommerce Weekly Issue #12

Ecommerce Weekly Issue #12

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In this week’s roundup, we found a few great articles on branding and storytelling via social media and visual content.  There’s even a great post just on Instagram’s new “Shopping Initiative” with 19 tips on conversion on that platform alone!  In addition, learn how to measure and manage CCs.  No, not your credit card, we’re talking about your customer churn.

And finally, once you’ve used all the tips to drive more traffic to your site and keep them from leaving, you’ll want to make sure you’ve written the best possible product descriptions so they’ll convert to a sale. And here’s a hint, writing product description has nothing to do with your command of the English language… it starts with something else.


The State of Referral Marketing in 2017

The State of Referral Marketing in 2017

Referral marketing is the oldest form of marketing – also known as word of mouth. In the digital marketing realm, there are now tools and services that let you track, measure, and even test. Sujan takes an important snapshot by surveying business of all size to see where referral marketing is currently at. Do you have a referral marketing program? See how you stack up against some of the results.

Learn the Symptoms of Customer Churn

Is Your Brand Sick? Learn the Symptoms of Customer Churn

One of the worst thing that can happen to your brand is customer churn. In ecommerce, churn is the declining purchase frequency of your customers. People who would normally come back to buy again, turned elsewhere or for whatever other reason stopped purchasing from you! This article is an in-depth analysis to identify some of the early signals of churn, and how to work on it to reduce churn in your business.

How to Boost Engagement on Social Media with Visual Content

How to Boost Engagement on Social Media with Visual Content

Visual content is just a fancy way of saying images and videos. But in this guide, Lux explains everything in super detail along with a bunch of great downloadable guides and tools to help you expand your visual content storytelling. From images, to embeddable widgets, to infographics and animated gifs. And if it wasn’t evident, this blog post uses great visuals to explain how to use visuals – super meta, right?

Are Your Product Descriptions Missing These 3 Crucial Ingredients?

Are Your Product Descriptions Missing These 3 Crucial Ingredients?

The secret to writing great product descriptions doesn’t require a degree in English or Journalism, it’s understanding your audience.  Josue explains like a good Grandma’s recipe: the first ingredient is to understand the “mass desire” of your audience.  The second ingredient is your market’s “state of awareness.” And the third, is your market’s sophistication – or I would like to call it, their level of skepticism. Now that I’ve given you a taste, read this post to see how it’s all put together.

Instagram Shopping: The Future of Mobile Ecommerce + 19 Tips to Increase Conversions Now

Every issue of Ecommerce Weekly has something to do with Instagram.  Why?  It’s constantly evolving and as Tracey claims, it’s the a future of Mobile Ecommerce.  Oh, it’s 600M active users also helps too.  Get a good sense of Instagram, and how it’s going to be important for you as a merchant since their recent announcement of the “Shopping Initiative” for Instagram.  And if you have just only now discovered what a hashtag or filter is, then the 19 tips to increase conversion really brings it home for you to try something different than you’re already doing now.

4 Lessons Your Ecommerce Startup Can Learn From These Successful Companies

4 Lessons Your Ecommerce Startup Can Learn From These Successful Companies

This is a great piece that shows some interesting takeaways from the already successful ecommerce companies that you can learn from. From new business models, a superior content marketing strategy, having an amazing product to start with, to leveraging Facebook as channel.  Each of these case studies are concise and easy to spark some ideas as you begin your ecommerce journey.  Check them out!

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