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Whether you consider yourself an advanced level marketer for your Ecommcerce business or a beginner, it’s always a good idea to affirm and confirm that you’re on the right path. Two big marketing strategies include email marketing and using social media influencers. This week, we cover tips and strategies to get the most from your efforts.

We also look at an in-depth view of the kind of possibilities to enhance your customer service experience by using having a separate “headless commerce” system. Read more below!

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6 Influencer Marketing Platforms for Partnering with Internet Famous Creators

Using a social influencer as a part of your brand’s marketing strategy can not only be affordable, but there are tools out there to help brands to figure out who to pick. There are currently six platforms out there to help you identify, assess, and communicate with social influencers.

The Case for Headless Commerce

Heard of the term “headless commerce”? The founder and CEO of Mobify, Peter McLachlan, suggests that traditional Ecommerce and headless commerce can work together for your business. Specifically, he is advocating separating the templating, presentation and interactive layers of the customer experience from order management, payment acquisition, and product information management systems. He believes that it helps move businesses move faster, optimize at a higher rate, and allows seamless integration.

The Best Days and Times to Send Your Email (Infographic)

If you’re already doing email campaigns for your online store, awesome, because they say that it’s one of the best ways to retain existing customers to continuing buying. But are you sure that you are getting the most of your marketing emails? Check out this short article to confirm that you are sending it out on at the optimal time and date to reach your customers.

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