Ecommerce Weekly Issue #5

Ecommerce Weekly Issue #5

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This week I really looked into posts about understanding the customer journey and how that impacts conversions.  To understand how to convert prospective buyers, you need to know who they are first.

My favorite pick this week is “The Buyer’s Journey Marketing Guide” by Crazy Egg. This post really explains the buyer’s spectrum from Awareness to Consideration to Decision.  Also the last link is a great complement to apply the theory; a full step-by-step guide to making your home page into a high conversion machine!

Enjoy these Posts!

The Crazy Egg Guide to the Buyer’s Journey

The Buyer's Journey Marketing Guide

If you’re currently using a one size fits all marketing approach for your business, you might want to rethink things. You may not realize it, but your existing clients went through a journey before they decided that you were the best business to meet their needs. Each stage of this journey requires a different marketing approach and you might be missing out on revenue if your marketing doesn’t cover each aspect of the buyers’ journey.

5 Ways to Create Super-Effective Emails with Buyer Personas

5 Ways to Create Super-Effective Emails with Buyer Personas

If you’ve developed buyer personas for your customers, don’t make the mistake of expecting them to magically work for you. Here are five actionable ways you can apply personas to your email marketing and score more engagement in the inbox.

How to Calculate and Decrease Customer Churn Rate

How to Calculate and Decrease Customer Churn Rate

Churn is a term typically found in subscription or recurring revenue business models.  However, there is an implied application of churn to ecommerce businesses too.  Churn quantifies the customers you’ve lost by calculating the percentage of customers who leave your product or service.  This article breaks down the math, and how to understand Churn in your ecommerce business.

9 Conversion Tips to Boost E-Commerce Sales

9 E-Commerce Conversion Tips to Boost Sales

A great break-down of 9 different tips to improve your conversion.  My favorite one was to show the “Stock Number” to show urgency as the item goes out of stock.

A Step By Step Guide To Turn Your Homepage Into High Conversion Machine

A Step By Step Guide To Turn Your Homepage Into High Conversion Machine

If you read all the previous links, this one puts it all together for the all too important home page.  I guarantee that after reading this post, you’ll want to revisit your own home page with a new set of eyes.  The big one I really appreciated was the explanation and examples to test if the your customer can answer the question “Can I Trust You?”.   Read for the other great examples and questions you should be thinking as you re-examine your home page!

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