Ecommerce Weekly Issue #7

Ecommerce Weekly Issue #7

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Happy President’s Day! This week, we have some new ideas as well as new perspectives on old ideas.

I’m pretty excited to share the post from Matthew Barby about using Conversation Commerce (aka Chatbots) as a new channel to market and revisiting more ways to get new customers via Instagram.

Once you get a prospective visitor to your site, double check the 49 elements on your product detail pages to make sure you have as many of them as you can help them convert.

Additionally, two questions always nagged me when discussing with ecommerce merchants:

  • How do I know what threshold to give free shipping?
  • How do I get people who have bought from me before to do a purchase again?

Those two posts are golden.

Read them all!

7 Customer Retention Strategies That Will Boost Your Revenue By 220%

7 Customer Retention Strategies That Will Boost Your Revenue by 220%

There are only three ways to grow revenue at any business:

  1. Increase the average order value (AOV).
  2. Increase the frequency of purchase.
  3. Increase more customers.

It’s easy to be seduced to “get more traffic and get more customers.” But the other two levers — increasing your AOV or improving your retention are often overlooked.  Read this post from Drew Sanocki as he explains those in lots of detail!

49 Elements Your Product Detail Page Must Have

49 Elements Your Product Detail Page Must Have

This infographic provides 49 elements that will ensure that your product detail page is up to the task of beating your competitors and making sure you have everything covered in your product pages.

How to Calculate Free Shipping Thresholds

How to Calculate Free Shipping Thresholds

You want to offer free shipping, but you want to use it as a carrot for users to get past a threshold so it’s worth the cost.  We tend to pick arbitrary amounts – is it $20? $50? $120?

This post shows you how you can use your own data to determine the right threshold for your business with case studies!

How to Promote Your eCommerce Store with Instagram

Clearly, Instagram is a driver to any ecommerce store today. But how do you know you’re doing everything possible to get the maximum outcome from all those photo-filtered perfect shots?

If you’re only posting photos, you might be missing on a few things like Instagram Live and Instagram Stories. Check this post out to check your Instagram game.

Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing

Life Beyond Email: Chatbot Marketing

Whilst other channels are continuing to deliver diminishing returns, there’s a new medium for marketers to utilize to reach their customers: Chatbots.  This is really new territory and fortune favors the bold who are willing to take a shot at new and emerging opportunities.  Start your chatbot conversation here!

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